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As the end of the year approaches, it is time for me to put away my boots, stick, bag and bonnet and settle into the warmth of my workshop.

Although travel is becoming less frequent, I am still busy creating new dragon eggs. My previous wanderings have provided me with interesting ingredients and materials to bring a variety of these beautiful winged creatures to life. However, I have decided to put aside the creation of these specific collections to give you the opportunity to purchase or offer dragon eggs in the colours of your choice. An ideal opportunity to express your creativity through my hands!

These creations, named "Onethrîn's gifts", will be made in waves of 5 eggs (4 small and 1 large). When a first wave will have been realized, it will be possible to order again at the Factory. A first wave is already being made, so stay tuned so as not to miss the next one!

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