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"She had fair hair, mouse-gray, and large impetuous green eyes. She could not have been more than ten years old."


Inspired by the impetuous Cirilla, this egg has the characteristic bluish hue of the power she sometimes manifests. To pay homage to her, Onethrîn has chosen to opt for tones reminiscent of ice and the bite of winter.

Child of the Elder Blood

  • Characteristics:

    The egg, 12cm high, is made of scales that I cut out and assembled one by one by hand. After being textured, it was carefully painted to create a blue gradient, enhanced by a lighter layer of paint to highlight its shapes.


    It is supplied with a small cylindrical wooden base.

  • Non-contractual pictures:

    The colours and contrasts of this creation may slightly differ according to your screen, the brightness at the time of the shooting or the reality of the tints.

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