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"Lighting the fire under my still, I boiled the contents of one of them: a few drops of dragon's blood. At the same time, grabbing some lumps of coal from a distant volcano, I set about reducing it to a fine powder using a stone mortar and pestle."


Inspired by the emblematic colours of the House of the Dragon, this egg has a black base on which a gradient towards red has been built. The whole has then been enhanced with very light shades of silver.


This model features a variation on the models previously presented by the shop: inverted scales.

Dark Fire

  • Characteristics:

    The 12cm-high egg is made up of scales, assembled one by one by hand. After being textured, it has been carefully painted to give it a unique hue.

    It comes with a small cylindrical wooden base.

  • No-contractual pictures:

    Despite the care taken in processing the photos, the colours and contrasts of this creation may vary slightly depending on your screen, the brightness at the time of shooting or the reality of the shades.

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