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"Bending down to pick one up, I grab a piece of my cloak to cover my hands during the operation, [...] As soon as the egg comes in contact with the thick textile, the latter covered itself with a thin layer of frost."


Inspired by ice, snow and the cold colours of winter in general, this grey egg shows a progressive gradation towards a navy blue colour at its base. It is enhanced by subtle silver reflections evoking frost.

Twilight Frost

  • Characteristics:

    The 12cm high egg is made up of scales assembled one by one by hand. After being textured, it has been carefully painted to create a gradient of light grey to navy blue, enhanced by lighter touches to highlight its relief.


    It is supplied with a small cylindrical wooden base.

  • No-contractual pictures:

    The colours and contrasts of this creation may slightly differ according to your screen, the brightness at the time of the shooting or the reality of the tints.

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