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"She slipped the fur cape from her shoulders, removed her fox-fur hat and, with a swift movement of the head, tousled her hair - long, full locks the colour of fresh chestnuts, with a sheen of gold, her pride and identifying characteristic."


Inspired by the character of Triss Merigold, this egg takes the recognizable colour of her hair. It is quite natural that Onethrîn has turned to bright colours that are reminiscent of fire. The egg thus presents a gradient going from a dark orange close to brown to tints slightly tending to orange yellow.

Fourteenth of the Hill

  • Characteristics:

    The egg, 12cm high, is made of scales that I cut out and assembled one by one by hand. After being textured, it was carefully painted to create a gradation of brown and orange tones, enhanced by a lighter layer of paint to highlight its shapes.


    It is supplied with a small cylindrical wooden base.

  • Non-contractual pictures:

    The colours and contrasts of this creation may slightly differ according to your screen, the brightness at the time of the shooting or the reality of the tints.

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