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"But the other two Istari were sent for a different purpose. Morinehtar and Romestamo, Darkness-slayer and East-helper. Their task was to circumvent Sauron: to bring help to the few tribes of Men that had rebelled from Melkor-worship, to stir up rebellion..."

- Peoples of Midlle-earth -


Inspired by the characteristic color of the robes of the two blue wizards, this blue egg has green undertones. It is enhanced by lighter touches that highlight its texture.


  • Characteristics:

    The 12cm high egg is made up of scales assembled one by one by hand. After being textured, it has been carefully painted to give it a beautiful bluish color with green undertones.


    It is supplied with a small cylindrical wooden base.

  • No-contractual pictures:

    Despite the care taken in processing the photos, the colours and contrasts of this creation may vary slightly depending on your screen, the brightness at the time of shooting or the reality of the shades.

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