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"Then, seing that his hosts were overthrown and his power dispersed, Morgoth [...] loosed upon his foes the last desperate assault that he had prepared, and out of the pits of Angband there issued the wiged dragons [...] and so sudden and ruinous was the onset of that dreadful fleet that the host of the Valar was driven back, for the coming of the dragons was with great thunder, and lightning."

- The Silmarillion -


With a gradient running from black at its base to a slightly desaturated shade of blue at its top, this egg also features a few touches of lighter paint underlining its texture.

Angband tempest

  • Characteristics:

    The 12cm-high egg is made up of scales, assembled one by one by hand. After being textured, it has been carefully painted to give it a unique hue.


    It comes with a small cylindrical wooden base.

  • No-contractual pictures:

    Despite the care taken in processing the photos, the colours and contrasts of this creation may vary slightly depending on your screen, the brightness at the time of shooting or the reality of the shades.

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