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Fascinated by J.R.R Tolkien's universe since my earliest childhood, I've dedicated my first works to his writings.

This passion led me to manage for a few years, after being editor and graphic designer for this website. 

It was throught Middle-earth that my journey into the universes of fantasy began. This fertile soil has always inspired me, and pushed me to develop my creativity, both in the digital field and in manual creations... It is not surprising that I have finally began to create dragon eggs. Is there a more emblematic creature than this fire breather?!

To highlight my creations, I slipped into the shoes of several characters before creating one of my own. Onethrîn, for that is his name, is a traveller like so many others - after all, we are all travellers, in our books or through our imaginations. Alchemist, he is 'the one who gives', enclosing in his creations the memories of forgotten or distant worlds.


Thank you !



Self-taught, passionate and creative French cartoonist and scriptwriter, she illustrates and writes books for young people, but also works for the press and for adults.


Her curiosity drives her to explore new drawing techniques (coloured pencils, paint, digital drawing), new worlds (from documentary to fantasy and fiction) and formats (novels, comics, puzzles and posters).

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