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Self-taught, passionate and creative French cartoonist and scriptwriter, she illustrates and writes books for young people, but also works for the press and for adults.


Her curiosity drives her to explore new drawing techniques (coloured pencils, paint, digital drawing), new worlds (from documentary to fantasy and fiction) and formats (novels, comics, puzzles and posters).

~ LE REFUGE D'UCHRONIE ~ (Uchronia's Haven)

At the crossroads of imaginary worlds, Uchronia’s Haven gathers readings and testimonies for all lovers of fantastic universes. Imaginary worlds attract in all professions, and the Haven welcomes everybody, in respect of others and their dreams. Its goal is simple: to bring together a community that may not always have the courage to mingle with the crowds, but which has a reserve of passions to fuel hours of conversation, play, reading... relaxation! Push the doors of the Haven!

~ LA MALLE D'UCHRONIE ~ (Uchronia's Chest)


Run by Delkinn the Calligrapher, this is her shop where you can find some of her handcrafted creations. Among the many treasures in the Chest are magic wands, calligraphy, illustrations, jewellery and dreamcatchers! All you have to do is open the Chest to discover the artefacts!


Passionate about environment and biodiversity, his work as a naturalist photographer allows him to highlight these causes that are dear to him, with the purpose of sharing the beauty of the world around us, to give everyone the desire to protect it!


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~ RUNES DE CHÊNE ~ (Oak Runes)


French brand of clothing, amulets, pendants and other accessories, it also produces organic soaps. The products they offer are all inspired by the folklore and the old traditions of the European peoples, mixed with the influence of fantasy world.

Cherry on the cake, in addition to incomparable designs, their textiles come from fair trade and are made of organic or recycled cotton.

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