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A stop at the Red Keep...

Oeuf de Dragon

The dense crowd near the main gates was already giving an idea of the geopolitical and commercial importance of this city perched on three hills. As one approached, there was no doubt that this was a place of great importance, far from the small inns one might come across here and there on the road. Looking north, it was impossible to miss the impressive dome supported by high, blackened walls. If one ventured to look south, it was the magnificence of a building adorned with seven crystal towers that caught the eye. Between these two monuments, on the third hill, stood a building even more imposing than the other two, also adorned with seven squat towers. But what struck the traveler even more than the mass of the building was its red color, characteristic of the pinkish sandstone used in its construction.

A few guards were posted silently near the gates leading into the city, and nobody seemed to be paying the slightest attention to them, as everyone was busy going about their own business. So I set about discovering the city at my own pace, wandering around. The streets were sometimes so narrow that it was impossible to walk straight through them, sometimes wide and shady. Some were neat and tidy, while others were a jumble of various buildings, such as warehouses and granaries, which gave the impression of being piled on top of each other. As I continued on my way, not paying any attention, I was suddenly stopped by a collision with a massive guard I hadn't noticed. The impact was so strong that the egg on my belt came off and fell. In no time at all, I was escorted to the palace to 'answer for my crimes'. I didn't know what I was accused of at the time, but I could easily imagine that it had more to do with the dragon's egg that my unwanted companion kept under his arm than with the fact that I had accidentally bumped into a guard on patrol...


After being led from alley to alley, then from corridor to corridor, we arrived in a vast hall at the back of which stood, overlooking the audience, a gigantic throne. As I approached, I realised that it was made up of bristling swords, obviously melted together. Sitting on this uncomfortable-looking seat was a man giving an audience. The subjects of the kingdom passed by, expressing their grievances or submitting to the judgement of their overlord. As I watched this ballet, my sinister guide stepped forward, bowed to the King and then proceeded to recount the story of our meeting. He still had the nerve to call me a thief when he handed my egg to his lord. The lord examined it carefully and, after a few moments, summoned one of his advisors. The man wearing an ornate hand on his chest leaned towards him to receive his instructions by ear. Without further comment, I was led back to an unknown destination.


It was a long wait, and I tried to keep myself occupied by pacing up and down or occasionally looking out of the window at the bustle of the city below. The room I found myself in was pleasant. Quite richly decorated, it had a dark desk in the centre. A little further on, a small corridor seemed to lead to a bedroom. I realised that this was an area reserved for potential distinguished guests, although I didn't know why I had been taken there.

As the sun began to sink, footsteps were heard, quickly followed by the opening of the door. Standing in the doorway was Jaehaerys I, the King to whom I had been introduced a few moments earlier. Anxious to get rid of the image of a thief that the armoured idiot had given me, I bowed and began to tell my side of the story. The King interrupted me with a raised hand and held out my egg, letting me know that there was no misunderstanding on his side. This gave us the opportunity to start a fascinating discussion about dragons. We decided to continue towards Dragonpit, my host having in mind to introduce me to the master dragonriders there. By the time we passed through the door of the Red Keep, night had fallen.

Invited to stay for a few more days, I took this opportunity to continue my exploration of the town and its surroundings, as well as to talk to the various craftsmen who worked there. Every evening, once my wanderings were over, the King and his wife Alysanne did me the honour of coming to visit me or inviting me into their quarters to recount the deeds of their ancestors. These were very pleasant moments, which made my departure all the more difficult. When that time came, my hosts kindly offered me some fragments of valyrian steel, confident that I would be able to put them to good use.

From these fragments and other ingredients harvested in Westeros came 5 dragon eggs, marked by the particular aesthetic of the Throne and named in honour of Jaehaerys, Alysanne and their ancestors Aegon, Viesenya and Rhaenys.

This collection consists of 4 medium-sized eggs and one larger egg.

The shop will be updated on 5 November at 9pm.

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