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Great Worms

Of all the lands I've ever travelled to, Middle-earth is the one that inspires me most. From epic tales to unexpected encounters, my escapades there have never disappointed. In these ancestral lands, many manuscripts tell of times, more or less ancient, when dragons roamed the world. More the kind to be feared than anything else, they have captured the imagination of all those who have read stories about them. It was during a research in Imladris archives that I came up with the idea of surveying the places marked by the presence of these creatures in order to collect a few ingredients that would enable me to give birth to new great worms, far less cruel, but nevertheless guardians of Middle-earth confines.

These peregrinations gave birth to 5 eggs. The first was made from pieces of ice from the Mountains of Angmar. Their pale colour blended into the blackness of its base, which was reminiscent of the cloak of a famous Lord of this city. The second, green, contained the crushed remains of Scatha's teeth, which adorned a necklace given to the Dwarves in place of the silver horn in his treasure. The following two, both from Angband, reminded us of two powerful servants of Morgoth, one golden, the other dark. The last one, larger, red with golden highlights, was made from the smoking remains that can be seen not far from the Desolation of Smaug.

The collection will be released on Wednesday 9 August 2023 at 8.30pm.

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