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Guardians of the Forest

As a fine drizzle washed over the moor, bringing a little hydration to the tall, somewhat scorched-looking grasses, I allowed my footsteps to lead me towards the cover of an immense forest that seemed to block the horizon. Dark and ancient in appearance, it gave me the impression of being stared at and spied on by the tall trees that made it up. But this impression didn't stop me from continuing on my way, so I went deeper into the forest, keeping my ears to the ground. Many rumours about the ancient forests were circulating in the inns and tales of explorers who had disappeared after an excursion of this type were often the talk of the town, so it was advisable to remain cautious. As I made my way through, the feeling of being detailed from head to toe didn't fade; the forest seemed to be watching, vigilant and silent. In fact, this was one of the first things that would strike a traveller: the silence that reigned in these parts was monastic. The usual noises one might encounter in a forest seemed to have no hold here, as if everything were still. There were no animals on the horizon, just this strange impression of silent waiting.

I decided that I too would observe my surroundings, making as little sound as possible fearing, in a way, to disturb. A little further on, I saw a brighter space, and went towards it. After a few steps in that direction, I came to a clearing. Here, the forest seemed to come alive again and sounds could be heard. The wind rustling through the leaves, animals climbing the trees a little further on, the crackling of twigs... The leaden cloak seemed to have lifted, as if the forest had made a decision about me and had lost interest in this strange visitor. I decided to stop there for a moment, settling down on a stump. After eating some victuals and quenching my thirst, I even considered lying down in the clearing for a while, but other noises dissuaded me. More pronounced creaking and thumping noises caught my attention. So I picked up my pack again and moved cautiously towards these new disturbances, curious but not worried, as the forest no longer seemed to be watching me and the atmosphere had relaxed. Gradually, I seemed to hear voices, but I couldn't make out what they were saying.

It was with astonishment that I finally reached the edge of a deep ravine, where trees, or at least creatures resembling them, were chatting away, accompanying their words with a few movements of their gnarled arms. Although similar at first glance, each of these creatures had its own distinctive characteristics. Some seemed to be physically closer to oak, others to maple or even beech. Fascinated, I spent a long time observing them, taking a few notes in my travel notebook. As the day wore on, they finally split up and went their separate ways. A few minutes later, I had reached the bottom of the ravine. Inspecting the area, I noticed a few leaves that had fallen from the forest guardians, almost dead. I decided to collect a few and try to keep them alive using one of my alchemical processes. I had high hopes that once they were incorporated into my eggs, they would give birth to dragons who could also watch over the forests of the worlds where they landed.

This collection is composed of four medium-sized eggs and one larger egg, all decorated with hand-carved leaves.

The shop will be updated on 12 April at 9pm.

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