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Remains of the Sunken City

It was while reading a fascinating book about the history of an ancient seaside city that has since sunk beneath the waves that I was inspired to set off exploring again. The book, which not only described the origins of the city but also gave a vivid and detailed overview of it, came from Uchronia's Haven. I'd been there to visit Delkinn, the Guardian and the little Shaman, and I'd taken advantage of my stay to work in their dispensary and browse through the thick volumes of the great library that brought together the knowledge of ancient peoples.

So absorbed in my reading, I felt the urge to discover the city, its inhabitants and the island on which it was located, with my own eyes and in the time before it was submerged. The more I learned as the pages went by, the more fleeting visions of the land came to me, of vast wild spaces and imposing architectural structures. I just had to get there!

Once I'd made my decision, it didn't take me long to get my pack ready. Back in my quarters, I grabbed my haversack and slipped in my usual equipment, a few glass vials, something to take notes or make a few sketches, as well as a few utensils I rarely left home without. Back in the room where the library was, I grabbed a roll of blank parchment to leave a quick note for my hosts, both of whom were busy elsewhere. Finally, I unhooked one of the many keys that adorned my belt - gifts from Delkinn - and held it up to the edge of the book I had just closed. There, a hole in the shape of a lock appeared.


The sun bathed the harbour with its rays and its light, reflected on the glistening waters of the sea, cast multiple reflections on the hulls and masts of the boats in the harbour. Here, merchant ships and colourful fishing skiffs unloaded their wares under the silent watch of the surrounding mountains. As my gaze wandered, it was first drawn to the gigantic stone structures that clad them, before gradually returning to where I was standing. The sound of the waves mingled with the voices of the merchants and inhabitants, adding to the bustling atmosphere of the harbour. With the idea of exploring the cobbled streets of the city in mind, I set off, turning away from the hustle and bustle. Wandering around for several hours, I had the chance to admire the many stone houses adorned with marine sculptures, reminders of the island's close ties with its environment and the importance of navigation and trade to the prosperity of its inhabitants. Discovering this town, the outline of which I had only glimpsed in the pages of a book, had a special flavour. However, the wonder was tinged with sadness: how many of these inhabitants would end up being swallowed up by the raging waves?


Having decided to stay at a local inn for a few days, I had plenty of time to continue my exploration and learn more about the city and how it worked. So it was quite natural that I set off for the western part of the island, eager to survey the coastline and perhaps collect some ingredients. The weather had changed and the sky, dark and cloudy, seemed to threaten the imprudent who had the audacity to go out onto the moor. But that didn't stop me.

Marked by a more abrupt relief, and abundant vegetation in places, the west coast offered an unobstructed view towards the distant west. It would be from here that one day the great wave would come, causing the disappearance of the island and its inhabitants. From this height, I could see a narrow cliffside path leading to the beach below. I headed in that direction, with the idea of collecting various ingredients. Herbs, seaweed, colourful fragments of rock and shells washed up by the tide quickly found their way to the bottom of my bag. The bottles I'd taken with me were filled with sand and seawater. Stopping for a moment to contemplate the horizon, I filled my lungs with iodised air one last time before leaving.


The next few days were devoted to alchemy. Back at Uchronia's Haven, I set to work in the dispensary where my hosts were also working. The creative energy that reigned in the room enabled me to be efficient and to achieve what I had in mind. Memories of the island gradually took shape, derived from the transmutation of ingredients gleaned from my journey. The resulting dragon eggs all had hues reminiscent of the seabed, so I decided to return them to the sea as quickly as possible. Going not far from the sunken island, I laid them on the shore, counting on the tide to do the rest and hoping that, later, they would be able to watch over the integrity of the remains of the sunken city, guarding the graves of its last residents.

This collection includes 4 medium-sized eggs, 2 with different scale orientations and one larger egg.

The shop will be updated on 19 March at 9pm.

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