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The night was clear, despite a few clouds here and there in the sky. My footsteps barely disturbed the surrounding silence as they touched the rocky ground and I approached my destination. An imposing temple loomed up not far from the path, sinister with its high, bare windows and the remains of the ancient statues that once adorned it. My eyes focused on the dark, weathered stones, I thought, as i reached it, of the cults that must have been celebrated there, eager to learn more. After several minutes of observation around the edifice, I realised that it was impossible to enter, so I wouldn't be abtle to learn anything more here.

It was through a map I'd seen with my friends from Uchronia's Haven that I'd discovered the existence of this place in the mountains. Rare plants and a few minerals of interest were supposed to be found there, so I set off a little earlier in the day after carefully preparing my pack, taking care not to forget my flasks and pouches.

Apart from the possibility of gleaning ingredients, it was the presence of another point on the map that had drawn me here: a crypt teeming, according to legend, with long-lost secrets. The clues to reach it were vague, so I let myself be guided by the magical vibrations perceptible in places, while a fresh breeze, carrying the scent of earth and vegetation, caressed my face. Eventually, I discovered a narrow opening in the rock. The moonlight would be of no help here, so I lit my torch and made my way into the excavation. The tunnel led into the depths and, as I advanced, the sound of night birds and leaves rustling in the wind grew fainter.

This path through the bowels of the earth eventually led me to a dead end. Given the legends surrounding this crypt, it was obvious that access to it had to be hidden. So I decided to take a closer look at the walls around me by the flickering light of the torch, turning back. Minutes went by, with no result... Then, following a sudden intuition, I decided to make progress in complete darkness.

The explorers who managed to find these tunnels would all need a bit of light to make progress, and one solution to hide the entrance to the crypt might have been to make it visible only in total darkness.

My eyes gradually became accustomed to the absence of light and I noticed a strange flicker a little further on. It was then that I discovered an even narrower passage, hidden beneath the few bits of vegetation that survived in these parts. This led me to a high room.

The moon's rays, visible through skylights cut into the vault of this impressive cellar, illuminated the vast space stretching out before me. Majestic pillars supported the edifice. My attention was immediately drawn to a colossal mass on the floor. There, in the centre of the room, lay a gigantic dragon skull, surrounded by other bones, some of which had almost turned to dust. How had this creature managed to find its way in here? I barely had time to wonder when I saw another tunnel, much wider this time, on the left of the room. Approaching the remains of the dragon, I mechanically caressed its imposing skull and bent over the remains of its corpse. Grabbing a flask from my belt, I slipped a little bone dust into it, guessing that it might be useful.

Straightening up, I turned my eyes to the opposite corner. At the far end of the room was a breathtakingly intricate wall, covered in curious symbols. There was something strange about it and each engraved sign seemed to exude a particular energy. Intrigued, I sat down at his feet to copy the runes. To complete my note-taking, I moved closer still and decided to touch the marks I could reach with my fingertips, partially capturing the magic emanating from them. Then I noticed an old book lying carelessly nearby. Picking it up, I realised it was a treatise on sigils, their magic and how to read and interpret them. Captivated, I began to skim through the pages, oblivious to the passage of time.

I think, if I remember correctly, I stayed there for many hours, contemplating the symbols and learning more about them, so much so that daylight was beginning to break when I set off back...

This collection includes 4 medium-sized eggs and one larger egg, all decorated with a rune.

The shop will be updated on 20 June at 9pm.

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