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The Cycle

Des oeufs de dragons issus de poussière d'os

When I arrived home after a long walk, it took me some time to leave my travel equipment and put down my bags and flasks. Night had just fallen, and although I wanted to get to work quickly on my recent finds, I nevertheless took the time to rest for a short while, settling into an armchair by the hearth in which I had just started a fire. My head was still full of images of this high underground chamber, of the high wall covered in runes and of the imposing skull that seemed to sit there, a vestige and witness to the torments of time, and I was already thinking about the possible applications of these discoveries.

The room around me was calm, lit by the fireplace and a few candles placed here and there on the various pieces of furniture that could be seen. If you looked around, it was easy to see what was going on here. In the centre was a large work surface where scrolls and parchments stood alongside quill pens and inkwells. As for the walls, they were lined with several bookcases containing numerous books, some of which were laid out open at several points. In one corner, between two of these bookcases and under a high window, sat a workbench, on which stood a still surrounded by numerous glass flasks. Beneath this work area was a cabinet with numerous small drawers, some of which, ajar, revealed a few plants and ingredients.

I always took great pleasure in returning to my workshop after each of my peregrinations, whether it was to rest my feet and adopt a less intensive rhythm, or to continue the second part of my work... It was there that I performed the essential part of my magic.

After a well-deserved rest, I set to work, detailing the ingredients I had gleaned along the way. What if I used them to create a new form of life from the old one, of which only these bones remain? So I set off in search of a particular book in my library, entitled 'The Cycle', convinced that in conjunction with the treatise on runes I had found in the ancient underground chamber, it would enable me to carry out this advanced form of transmutation. Once I'd got my hands on it, I set to work.


The work surface was now covered with scrolls and the candles lit earlier that evening had almost finished burning, but they were ready: new dragon eggs had been born, from the bone dust I had collected and transmuted with the help of the various documents spread out before me. It had been a long night, but I already had to get back on the road to deposit some of them in the wild and entrust others to trustworthy people, the future guardians of this new form of life. So I put on a heavy travelling cloak and set off again.

This collection includes 4 medium-sized eggs, of which 2 have a different scale orientation, and one larger egg.

The shop will be updated on 14 February at 9pm.

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