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Winter's bites

Dragon eggs in a smoky forest

The wind was blowing hard and the grey sky was letting out fine droplets of particularly cold rain. Wrapped up in a thick travelling cloak, I was heading for the forest next to my workshop. The greenery had gone from many of the surrounding trees and the ground had taken on orange colours, although they had begun to fade considerably. Some of the leaves on this carpet of vegetation even showed traces of frost, that was certain: the weather was turning to winter.

As I was wandering along the forest paths, lost in thought and planning my future journeys, my attention was drawn to a very particular spot: in the distance, wisps of smoke were rising from the ground... However, there didn't seem to be any smell of fire coming from this area. The air was charged with magic, and I could feel it as I approached the source of this disturbance. Could this manifestation be linked to the presence of a particularly cold artefact, whose temperature contrasted with the ambient atmosphere, which was already quite cold?

Cautiously, I continued to approach the site, finally discovering, on a moss-covered tree trunk, a few grey dragon eggs with a silvery sheen, marks of the frost that seemed to emanate from them. Some had bluish tones at their base, others had touches of a very light icy green.

What's fascinating about the creative magic behind these eggs is that it doesn't always come from the hands of an elf craftsman; sometimes nature itself, when approaching marked changes, and in an environment particularly charged with magic, gives birth to this kind of surprise. These are some gems that were bound to make their way into the workshop!

Bending down to pick one up, I grabbed a piece of my cloak to cover my hands during the operation - after all, you can never be too careful... As soon as the egg came into contact with the thick fabric, it was covered with a thin layer of frost. Carefully, I slipped them one by one into the bag I always took with me on my expeditions. It was time to head back to the workshop to contain the magic of these marvels, to prevent anyone from getting hurt...

This collection consists of four medium-sized eggs and one larger egg.

The shop will be updated on 14 January at 9pm.

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