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Toss a coin to your Witcher !

Feet weary, it's time to make a stop. What if we pushed open the doors of this inn, which, it has to be said, doesn't necessarily make much of an impression at first glance, or at second, for that matter?

Despite the fire in the hearth and the candles placed here and there on the tables, the place was nevertheless pretty dark. Almost dark enough for the two travellers, hooded and seated away from the other customers, to go unnoticed. Not far from them, a vacant table seemed to be waiting for me. After ordering something to quench my thirst from the innkeeper, I took a seat, looking around the room with a distracted glance under my own cloak. Discussions were going well and no one seemed to mind the apparent silence emanating from the table next to mine.

As I listened, I realised that, despite appearances, the two companions, a man and a woman, were exchanging a few words. The snatches I heard led me to believe that they were looking for a third person who seemed dear to them, perhaps their daughter, and that they were planning to go to a nearby town to enlist the help of some friends. No doubt sensing my intrusion, albeit discreet, they eventually fell silent, emptied their cups and headed for the exit. I didn't know it at the time, but I had just met Geralt of Rivia and Yennefer of Vengerberg.

A few days later, I happened to cross their path again as they continued their search. Spotted twice, things started badly for me, but finally, after trying to gut me straight away, they changed their minds. At least, that was the case of the sorceress, who tempered her companion's ardour when she discovered our common accointance for certain arcana. After a long discussion, the witcher finally understood that it was only a simple coincidence and sheathed his blades. I then mentioned the discussion I had heard at the inn and offered help them with their quest. As time passed, we became very friendly and exchanged on our respective customs. It was also an opportunity for me to discover new species of plants and new magical ingredients which I collected.

When the time came for me to hit the road again, it was with a bag full of these wonders that I started my return journey. It is from these ingredients, from this meeting, and from a few others, that come the eggs of this collection. Inspired by these colourful characters and made with ingredients discovered on the road. They are the memory of an adventure as crazy as it was memorable.

This collection consists of 4 medium-sized eggs and one larger egg.

The shop will be updated on 2 October at 9pm.

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