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The Dragon Factory : genesis

As mythical as they are, dragons remain bond to magical and distant times. These times are over, yet many enthusiasts love to dive into it. Would it be possible to find, nowadays, tangible vestiges of these immemorial times? That's from this idea that the inspiration behind la Fabrique aux Dragons (the Dragon Factory) was born.

What look give to the eggs to make them look real? If they are supposed to be vestiges of the past, they must bear traces of its torments. The solution imposed itself, inspired by the story of the eggs offered to Daenerys during her wedding: make fossils!

Once the idea was launched, came the time for the design process and the realisation itself, with a simple mantra: be effective! To begin I needed an egg-shaped basis, so I did some research to find the one that would suit me the most, it had to be light, of suitable size, and its overall shape needed to be harmonious. Once I found the perfect and rare pearl, came the time to work on the scales. Again, I was looking for the perfect shape. I had to do a few tests before I got there.

The model was ready, so I could start creating my dragon eggs!

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