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The 4 Houses, a new partnership!

It's summer, and all we can think about is enjoying the sun and the beautiful days, but some of us are already preparing for the winter period! It was in this context that I was contacted by the 4 Houses, a shop dedicated to fantasy worlds, and in particular the world of a famous bespectacled wizard.

Every year, the managers of this venue offer an Advent calendar in which, as well as providing products and goodies, they promote the work of small creators by including their business cards and flyers, or even some of their creations. However, as I didn't have the time to make eggs to include in the 150 copies of this calendar, flyers presenting Onethrîn's creations will be included. I was very moved by this proposal, which was totally disinterested since the managers didn't ask me for anything in return, and I thought it would be interesting to tell you a little more about this space, which would also be the least I could do.

In addition to this exciting advent calendar project, the concept of the shop, located in Liège, Belgium, is also very appealing, as the space is part shop, part museum and part immersive setting. From merchandise derived from the young wizard's franchise to decorative elements and furniture inspired by other fantasy worlds and adventure novels, it's an experience that's sure to please!

Finally, the shop's managers frequently organise meetings with actors who have lent their faces to the characters imagined by J.K. Rowling, in a dedicated area that can also be used to organise festive gatherings and other fun or creative activities.

Find out more by visiting their website and online shop!

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