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Inspired by the idea of a follower who will recognise herself, this collection presents eggs that are slightly different from those I've made so far. Adorned with horns or spikes, they could be the result of strange and curious cross-breeding or come from species as yet unknown.

As I explained in my newsletter a few days ago, this collection is not coming with the traditional story to introduce it. I've had to sacrifice this part of the story in order to stick to deadlines, due to the fact that the launch will take place at the beginning or middle of the month and the busy medieval festival calendar. But, on the other hand, it could allow you to develop the story behind the egg you adopt yourself! If you feel like it, I could even share it here or on my social networks :)

This collection includes 4 medium-sized eggs and one larger egg, all decorated with horns or spikes.

The shop will be updated on 19 July at 8.30pm..

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