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Runes de Chêne (Oak Runes)

If you follow my adventures on social medias, you know that I have been an ambassador for Runes de Chêne (formerly North Wanderers) for over a year now. It is therefore with joy that I can now announce that La Fabrique aux Dragons is henceforth one of their partners!

But if you're not familiar with this name, let me introduce you to Runes de Chêne...

To be quick, we could just say that it's a french brand of clothing. But it would be quite reductive because they also launched organic soapes, pendants, amulets and other amazing accessories (have you seen their beer mugs ?!). But there is more to say...

The products they offer are all inspired by folklore and by the old traditions of European peoples, mixed with the influence of fantasy worlds : that's exactly the kind of thing that speaks to me!

Finally, beyond the style and the universe that are already hitting the mark, cherry on the cake, it's a french company which follows precise specifications in terms of ethics. Their textiles come from fair trade and are made of organic or recycled cotton! In the same idea, the brand has challenged itself and is now working with a pre-order system that allows it to maintain reasonable prices and limit the waste that an excessive production could cause.

To put it in a nutshell, Rune de Chêne is : a brand, a fantastic universe, a style and moral values! Take a look at their their website, for more informations!

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