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We are all travelers...

Why not stop for a moment to contemplate this soothing landscape? Enjoy the last glimmers of sunlight caressing the grass and rocks of these mountains. Have you taken the time to contemplate the view they offer you of the surrounding land? Take a look at this side! Do you see the silhouette that stands out from one of the protrusions of the relief?

He moves forward, step by step, stops and observes the ground, then the vegetation around him. What did he see? He bends down and picks up something which he slips into the pouch hanging from his belt, before setting off again, stopping one more time to examine the landscape and starting the process once more.

But night is coming, traveller, it is time to take to the road again and find an inn or some hospitable place of refuge. And here he is, speeding up, as if he had heard this thought.

What if his steps led him to an extraordinary place, hidden outside space and time? There he would settle down, pick up a book and immerse himself in it. Perhaps he would realise that his journey is far from over and that there are still many worlds to explore? What if you joined him? After all, we are all travellers, in our books or through our imaginations.

Onethrîn, for that is his name, is the spirit of these journeys. He is "the one who gives", enclosing in his creations the memories of forgotten or distant worlds.

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